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Get A Second Opinion

Get a second opinion from the country’s leading radiologists without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Get Started

Why should you get a second opinion? 3 Reasons


Reduce your chance of being misdiagnosed.

An incorrect or delayed diagnosis can have serious consequences for both your health and your wallet.


Get the opinion of a top specialist

A more experienced radiologist can read rare or complicated cases with greater certainty. We have some of the most experienced radiologists in the country.


It's easy and affordable.

With services like Look Again Doc, getting a second opinion requires no travelling and no expensive hospital bills.

Get access to the best radiologists in the country

Our physicians practice and teach medicine at the top academic institutions in the U.S, which means your second opinion always comes from a dependable source.

Top Institutions

Our physicians have trained, researched and taught at the top academic centers across the country. They are representative of the top minds in the country from coast to coast.Here are some institutions where our current or future radiologists graduated from or practice at

  • Emory University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Tufts University
  • University of Virginia
  • Never leave the comfort of your home

    There’s no need to make a long journey or struggle with coordinating doctors’ appointments. You’re already just a few clicks away from a second opinion.


    Our pricing tiers are based on the availability and expertise of our physicians and accommodate the time-sensitivity that you require for your second opinion.

    First Available
    $49 - $129

    The first available radiologist who is qualified to read your report will take care of your case.

    Nuclear med$49
    Premier Academic
    $99 - $179

    Only radiologists who have demonstrated academic excellence in the required area will take care of your case.

    Nuclear med$99
    Leading Academic
    $149 - $229

    Our top-tier physicians, who are recognized national leaders in their specialty areas, will take care of your case.

    Nuclear med$149

    *Please note: Residents of PA, ND, SD, MI and MA can only get second opinion from Radiologists licensed in their state


    Look Again Doc second opinion gave me the peace of mind I needed to make the right decision for my treatment options. Their personal video helped me learn more about my illness and the options I had to proceed in my healthcare. It is quick, easy and painless.

    - Carmen L. Longwood, FL
    Look Again Doc makes it so much easier for patients to get second opinions from some of the best medical centers in the US. As a primary care physician, I’ve seen how so many patients struggle with finding the right specialist when they are looking for a second opinion from an ivy-league institution. Look Again Doc not only helps take the guess work out of the second-opinion process, but it also helps patients to really understand what’s going on with their disease through their easy to understand personalized videos. It also saves the time and expense of traveling to another city or state for that second-opinion.
    In today's high paced clinical world, radiologists are often given only seconds to make an interpretation which has a lifetime of implications on a patient's health and family. Look Again Doc offers patient's a piece of mind that can't be found anywhere else from the comfort of their own home. Patients now have the ability to choose what specialist interprets their image and know that they will offer them in-depth, personalized care. Care that is tailored for the patient, thoughtful, and easily understandable. Look Again Doc isn't your typical medicine, it’s what medicine should be.

    Jose M. Morey. M.D. ­ Radiologists


    • Is my doctor or hospital required to give me my images? How do I get my images?

      You will need to call the physician’s office or hospital where your imaging was done and ask for a CD copy of any exams for which you would like a second opinion. In most circumstances multiple cases will fit on one CD.

    • Will my health insurance reimburse me for my second opinion?

      No. Look Again Doc accepts major credit cards as the only form of payment for our services.

    • Where is Look Again Doc located?

      Look Again Doc is a private corporation based in Delaware and founded in 2014 by a group of physician-entrepreneurs and patients, like yourself, who believe that access to second opinions from top-tier specialists can save costs and your time while improve long-term care outcomes.

    • Are you a medical practice or a hospital?

      Look Again Doc is a business community made up of like-minded physicians who have come together to empower patients with a higher standard of medical imaging than has ever been available. Our members come from a wide range of practices and institutions and our team lives and works all over the country.

    • Why are there no doctors in my state?

      If you live in PA, ND, SD, MI or MA, you can only get second opinion from Radiologists licensed in your state. The Look Again Doc network is growing, so if you don't see doctors in your state please check back soon, or conatct us if you have more questions.

    • Why do I have to give my Primary Care Doctor's contact information?

      The type of service we provide is relatively new to the health care field and State laws have not yet completely adapted to making such a service easier for consumers to use. We want to be fully compliant with the law and therefore we must ask US residents to provide their primary care doctor's contact information so that we can inform them of your Look Again Doc service.